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Join two of the most beloved Disney characters and test your word knowledge together in the Lilo and Stitch: Stitch's Surfin' Scramble game! It's never easy to practice your English skills, but your Disney friends have found a solution for you. Play with letters, discover new words, and most importantly, have fun!

Lilo and Stitch have prepared for you a classic word search game. To solve the puzzle, you have to find as many words as possible within the time limit. Use your insight and thinking capacities to your advantage, and do your best to stay focused! This way, you will surely earn a high score!

How to play the game

Get ready to unscramble the puzzle! Discover a word, then use your mouse to click on the first letter, and drag until the last one. Your term will be added to the list, and you will earn some points. Easy as pie, right?

Your task can appear quite simple initially, but you must be careful! You are playing against the clock, and you only have 3 minutes at your disposal. Keep in mind to look at the timer to the right side of the screen, or your task might end quicker than expected!

The letters are scrambled up, so do your best to search for any known words. They are often hidden, so you should think of a strategy to make the search easier. Just look for the first letter, then go in any direction to see if you can form a word. The more letters you use, the higher your score will be!

If you can't discover enough words, do not get discouraged! You can rescramble the letters as many times as you want. If you are aiming for a high score, you can even retry the game from the beginning!

Are you ready to put your English skills to the test? Join Lilo and Stitch and search through the scrambled words together!

Good luck!

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