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Oh no! Dr. Hamsterviel has broken out of the space prison, and now the evil experiments are coming after the heroes in the Lilo and Stitch: Alien Interception game. That's why Stitch needs your help to capture Jumba's creatures before they take over Earth! Can you team up and keep the world safe together?

Are you prepared to chase after the experiments? Your task is to join the hero as he travels through each area and look for the villains. Once you notice one of them, just zap him with the teleportation ray, and he should disappear! Just pay close attention to the screen, and don't let the aliens escape!

How to play the game

The controls are straightforward, but you have to be careful! To move around and aim your weapon at the enemies, you need to use your mouse. Just drag your cursor across the screen, then click on the villains to zap them! However, you must be careful not to hit someone else by accident.

The experiments can be anywhere, so you have to travel through each area together with Stitch. Follow the green arrows, be quick, and don't waste any time! The enemies keep moving, and they won't wait for anyone. Just click on them to use your teleportation ray, and aim for a high score!

You must look for Clyde, Dupe, Yang, Tank, and Plasmoid. However, Lilo, Nani, and their friends are also here, so you have to watch out for them! If you end up zapping your buddies, not only will you lose points, but you will also consume one of your lives.

You can only aim wrong five times per level. If you waste all the chances, you will have to restart from the beginning!

What else you should know

Remember to look at the timer at the top of the screen because you're playing against the clock! Your goal is to find 20 villains before the time runs out. If you can zap even more of the experiments, all the extra targets will score you some bonus points!

Did you notice some strange items floating around? The time freezers will help you save a few seconds by stopping time temporarily. Just tap on them with your weapon, and the effect will be activated! However, you can also find trading cards of your favorite characters, so watch out for them and complete your collection!

Well, are you ready to begin your mission? Join Stitch and defeat all the evil aliens to protect the Earth!

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