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Lilo is a brave little girl with a huge heart. She is not so different than any other regular human being, but there is one aspect to mention about her: she is a great friend! She would do anything to know that her friends and those who need help are all right. You can also notice this while playing Lilo and Stitch: Peanut Butter Express game.

Knowing this about Lilo should not be too difficult to understand why she wanted to help some baby fishes from the ocean to get feed. Because they are too small, they cannot get out and eat, so she became for them a Peanut Butter Express.

Together with Stitch and her bigger sister, Nani, she decided to make peanut butter sandwiches, which she brought to the fishes. Sweet Lilo did not think that the ocean is full of other creatures, and she needs a little bit of help to deliver the food.

How to play the game

Lilo has to swim to their crevices and drop peanut butter sandwiches into them. After that, swim back to Stitch for more delicious food.

To swim, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. When you want to drop the food, press the space-bar key. Be very careful because in some crevices there might be snakes hiding. They will try to eat your food.

More than that, there are bigger fishes in the ocean and not only. Avoid them as much as you can, or they will take bites from your sandwiches. 

When you are done feeding one fish, swim back for another sandwich and oxygen. When you finish the sandwiches, go back to Nani, who is waiting for you.

The little fishes will thank you for your kindness, and you will make Lilo happy if you help her!

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