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Join the funniest snowman you've ever met in Olaf's Freeze Fall game! This loveable yet naive and clumsy character has gotten into trouble once again! Somehow, he has managed to lose all his body parts, including his arms, buttons, nose, and even his head! Can you believe how ditzy this snowman can be? It's only up to you to give him a helping hand and make him whole again. He will surely thank you with some kind words and even a hug!

Your mission can turn out to be quite complicated, as the icy lands of Arendelle can be dangerous and filled with unexpected obstacles! Do you think you have what it takes to be Olaf's hero?

Jump on the platforms towards your goal!

The gameplay is intuitive and easy to grasp. You need to navigate many levels of platforms to collect the five missing elements of Olaf's body: the head, the nose, the buttons, and the arms. Olaf will jump automatically on any platform that he touches. Your job is to guide his efforts in the right direction to collect the necessary items. What is more, you need to avoid falling into the void and different obstacles along the way!

To control Olaf's path through the icy platforms, all you need to do is press the left and right arrows on your keyboard. What is more, you can even try this exciting game on your phone and control the snowman by tilting the screen!

Don't worry if you see your own head or nose disappear on a platform below you! You have many chances to complete Olaf's physique. Throughout the game, certain parts that you have missed or lost along the ways tend to reappear for you to grab. 

Watch your head and look out for friends!

Your main obstacles in this exciting journey are the falling snowballs. They will knock off one of Olaf's precious body parts or even kill him if you get hit repeatedly! Another thing to keep in mind is that falling off a platform into the void or getting knocked by a snowball will make you repeat the game. Quite a bummer to waste all the progress! 

However, Olaf has many friends in the Frozen universe. They play an essential part in his life and always get him out of trouble when he is in over his head...which seems to happen quite often! This time, you can count on the trusty reindeer Sven to give you a leg up in this exciting challenge! 

Anytime you see Kristoff's furry friend, try your best to reach the same platform as him. His impressive horns will propel you up towards the sky! This will score you many extra points and even get you through a difficult section of the game!

Being Olaf's best friend can be pretty challenging at times. Can you believe how many mishaps he gets involved in? However, you have the opportunity to help him regain his body in this exciting game. The rapid pace and silly sounds effects will surely keep you glued to the keyboard. Give your best friend a helping hand while having a blast!

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