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Mickey Mouse is a big fan of sports and outdoor activities. Today he decided to have a little bit of fun in a football game against Pete. That not only he loves playing, but he also likes winning. This means that you have to help him win the Mickey’s Football Fever game!

In football, there are no hard rules. All you need to do is to kick the ball hard enough to score. After that, you have to make sure that the opponent does not score so you need to defend the gate as better as you can. Use your mouse to do these things and everything will be fine.

How to play the game

The game has two different rounds. The first one consists in following the first rule. You will see Pete trying to block your goals but do not fear. Click on the ball and keep pushing the mouse button until it reaches 100%. It means that its power is to the fullest and you will deliver a powerful kick. By moving, the mouse to up, down, left or right you can control where you want the ball to go. If you manage to score you will get one point, if not, Pete is going to block your goal.

Once you finish the attacking round, you get to the second round, and you need to defend the gate. This time Pete will try to score a goal. When you feel ready to block his ball, click on Ready and Mickey’s hands will appear on the screen. Be careful because the ball will come to you in any second from that moment. Move the mouse from up to down and left to right to get the perfect angle when the ball is coming, thus increasing your chances to stop it. After that, you will go back to offense and so on, until you do everything for five times.

Score more goals to win the cup!

If the round ends and you have the same score as Pete, you will have to play one more challenging round to see who the best between you two is. The same thing will happen if you have an equal score in the challenging round. You play until someone misses or scores, and the other one does not. When one level ends, you will see who managed to win the cup and who has lost. You can play again anytime to prove that you can win, or even to try to beat your score and make Pete lose all the time.

This game has really made Mickey spend time outside and training to be the best. Do not let Pete or anyone else tell him he is not good enough and show everyone what great kicks he is able to perform! Get armed with the passion for adventure and the willingness to win and come outside with Mickey to rock the playground. Pete may be bigger, but it does not mean that Mickey cannot stand against him. Good luck and do not forget that if you lose, it only matters to have fun, so do not be sad!

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