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It is such an important day for the entire kingdom. Why? Because today it is Princess Aurora's 16th birthday. The princesses, kings, queens, even the animals are dancing in the Sleeping Beauty: Enchanted Melody game. And you are invited, as well. Come with us and dance alongside Aurora on her way to discovering that she is a beloved princess. 

The air is filled with music as Aurora keeps daydreaming and dancing her way through the Enchanted Forest. And her fairy godmother is making sure that she has the perfect song for the birthday theme. But let us tell you something. Now, it is your turn to make the song selection. In every chapter of the story, you will be the one who will choose and compose the song for our beautiful Aurora.

And furthermore, you will get to guide her through the village and the forest, towards the castle. So are you ready to dance and have the time of your life? Then join us in Aurora's birthday adventure. 

Sing the song of our Sleeping Beauty

Aurora would not stop singing and dancing. But you must help her, or else, she will get lost. So, just sing along and move to the music. Doing this will make you just as happy as Aurora is. But how can you help her, exactly? Well, it is as easy as saying "bippity boppity boo".

First of all, you need to click on the pink notes when they are perfectly enclosed. Then, when you see the yellow circles on the screen, drag the notes towards each other. Complete the note sequences to reveal Aurora's friends and dance with them.

Some areas of the forest require you to complete more songs for them to become accessible. But do not worry. We know that you have great taste in music. You will also have a performance meter that will measure the quality of your music. Play the notes correctly to make sure it is always full.

But most importantly, beware of the green fire orbs. Those are spells cast by Maleficent. And they will put you to sleep faster than you can imagine. Just be vigilant and keep dancing with your eyes wide open.

So are you ready to meet Aurora's friends and her delightful prince while accompanying her on her way towards the castle? Sing along, play your song and show her what a great artist you can be.

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