About Miley and Lilly`s Designer Dreams

Welcome to the world of Hannah Montana! It`s not a secret that Miley and Lola like fashion a lot, and even more they like to be creative. They`ve been dreaming for a long time to try themselves in clothing design. Today they finally decided to make a first try! If you, just like Miley and Lola, can`t stay indifferent, when it comes to fashion, that`s a true chance for you! Embark on designer career with “Miley and Lilly`s Designer Dreams” online game! Make your first fashion attempt together with the girls! Design impressive tops, dresses, shoes and bottoms. Don`t hesitate to realize all of your crazy dreams and create daring outfits. Make room for creativity! Choose Miley or Lola to be you fashion model and start up. Begin with clothing category. Choose one and pick up a style. The next step it`s where the real fashion energy can be unleashed! Choose the fabric and drag it on to the clothing. You can combine different fabrics to make your unique design. Flip and rotate it, scale and change color following you fantasy. Use the bar below for that. Pick up the first fabric, if you want it to be a single color. Don`t worry, if you are making something you don`t like: you can erase it easily and try again. Add some accessories after you finish your experiments. Click Done and try it on! Or go to the next design. All the clothing will be collected in the wardrobe, so you can mix them and try many outfits at once. You can also delete some of the clothing and give space for a new collection!

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