About Miley`s Malibu Manicure

Ready to have an incredible time with Miley and Lilly? Join them for the the amazing game of Miley`s Malibu Manicure! Even though Miley might seem as an ordinary schoolgirl, she has a superstar alter ego known as Hannah Montana who everybody adores! She does change her clothes and her hair at night when she turns into Hannah, but she would love to keep her manicure so that everybody at her concert can see how wonderful it is! Give Miley or Lilly the coolest manicure they have ever seen by clicking on the amazing nail polish colors offered at the top of your screen and by adding stickers and special patterns as you see fit. Each nail can have a different color and a different pattern, so it is up to you to make it as stylish and chic as you can! You are offered the most incredible nail polish colors worthy of a superstar, so simply pick your favorite one and apply it on the desired nail by placing your cursor over it and clicking your left mouse button. You can also add the cool patterns given underneath the nail polish colors and place them onto the nails. What an exciting thing to do! Pick one of the fun rings which you can see in the left part of your screen by clicking on it and place it on the girl`s finger! Click on the up and down arrows above and below the rings to see what is offered to you. Sounds so much fun, doesn`t it? Also, you can place the cutest nail stickers you have seen onto the desired nail by clicking on the best one and placing it onto the desired nail. Make sure to combine all the right colors to help Miley and Lilly have the coolest nails at school! If you have already painted a nail and placed a sticker, but you thought of a better idea, simply grab the nail polish remover placed in the top right corner of the screen and click on the nail that you would like to change.You can zoom the nail by clicking on the magnifying glass in the bottom right corner of your screen. You can also adjust the length of the nails at the bottom part of your screen. Do you think Miley and Lilly like shorter or longer nails? Would they enjoy the stickers or the patterns more? It`s up to you do decide and help the girls get the perfect manicure! Let the slumber party begin!

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