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The New Year is a special event for every person on this planet. Everyone tries to look his best and do great things on the New Year, but for Phineas and Ferb it can turn into an amazing adventure like no other. The brothers are used to do incredible and out of ordinary things, and they have prepared something extraordinary for the New Year. Their wish is to go to the moon, and now you can join them in the New Year’s Blast Off game.

They have created a spaceship which they plan to use for going to the moon, but it is not so simple. To achieve their goal, they need a lot of combustible and power! You will be able to collect it on your way, but be careful at the same time because the amount of fuel you have is not so much if you do not pick up the coins and the fuel from the way, you will get back on the ground. The coins are actually of great importance. There are three types of coins, bronze, silver, and gold; the bronze ones will bring you the less value and the gold ones the highest value. After each try, you can upgrade ship components using the gained coins. For instance, you may be able to increase the endurance to collision by upgrading the hull; you can also increase the ship agility by upgrading the wings; upgrading the engine will add more speed while increasing the fuel tank capacity will prevent the ship to get out of gas that quickly. Increase the armor to decrease the collision damage and add more boosters for the acceleration! The radar is also critical because it will let you know in advance which direction to steer the ship towards to avoid the obstacles and maximize the chances of collecting the power-ups.

You have some dashboard in place as well for checking the ship parameters; thus you may notice the hull meter on the left, which will indicate the damage inflicted to the ship and the fuel meter on the right which will indicate how much fuel is left in the tank. There is also a boost meter which will indicate how many boosters you managed to achieve along your way and a minimap which you might check to see how far did you manage to go on your trip to the moon. You need to pay particular attention to hull meter and fuel gauge since when any of these indicators will be close to 0, the ship will start falling back towards the ground. If you hit too many obstacles and the hull meter is pointing its lowest limit, you can try to collect some repair kit power-ups to fix the problem. Same goes when the fuel gauge is almost empty, but this time you need to find some fuel power cans instead. There are also some boosters power-ups you may collect, which will help you to gain increased acceleration for short period of times. Use them wisely! There are also some achievements you may be awarded, once you manage to complete specific tasks. For instance, you may achieve the Coin Collector title if you can get at least 1000 coins in a single flight, or the Space Ace title, if you ear a score of at least 10.000.

Once you manage eventually to land the ship on the moon and finish the Moon Run mission, you will unlock a new mission, which is Space Run. This time, you will continue to explore the universe with the same ship, but now you also have a blaster which you can use to destroy the obstacles in your way! Speaking about the obstacles, you need to pay attention to that all the time. There are plenty of them as you go higher and higher and it will harm your spacecraft. The radar can really come in handy in this situations. Create the most magnificent capsule ever and help Phineas and Ferb accomplish their dream of getting to the moon. It would be a cool New Year if you will be able to get there with them. We bet you are going to love this trip, so do not wait any longer and get into the spacecraft!

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