About Oliver`s Treasure Hunt

Have you ever been on a treasure hunt? Well if not, this is your opportunity. Join us in the "Oliver`s Treasure Hunt" game. This game is all about finding the hidden and buried treasure all over the Malibu beach. Oliver found a metal detector in his attic and decided to go for a treasure hunt. Use arrow direction keys on your keyboard (UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT) to move Oliver around the beach. When you press SPACEBAR button metal detector will activate and press it again to deactivate it, so you can save the battery. You should listen to beeping sounds because as the beeping sound goes faster, you`re getting closer to the lost treasure. At a point when you reach the treasure, Oliver will dig it out of the sand and then you should take it and store it in your treasure chest. After storing the newly found treasure, you can continue the search for more buried treasures. Rico followed Oliver to Malibu beach and he is using his RC plane to annoy and hit Oliver while his searching for treasure. To avoid being hit by an RC plane, press button "C" on your keyboard to duck. All over the beach, you`ll find several different and useful items for your search like battery power item, power field which prevents the RC plane from attacking, fast forward lane to make Oliver walk faster. Use all the perks that this game provides and enjoy it as much as possible because treasure hunting is something we`ve always wanted to do. Oliver has the metal detector, it`s up to you to help him dig out everything or anything he finds.

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