Pooh`s Hunny Puzzle

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About Pooh`s Hunny Puzzle Game

Winnie the Pooh has set you another puzzle adventure. In this Pooh’s Hunny Puzzle game you need to connect the tiles of the matching colors. In a honeycomb you have to match green, blue, pink colored tiles. By matching the right colors, you will find a way to the hunny bee. Be careful what colors you are connecting because if you are wrong you won’t find a way to the honey bee. In addition to colored tiles you also have tiles with Winnie the Pooh character. Set them at the bottom of the table and connect other tiles to these. Collect as many hunny bees as you can for higher score and happier Pooh. To connect the tiles, you only need your MOUSE 1 button, but a lot of skills and concentration. Develop a strategy to match the tiles, because if you are wrong, there will be no hunny for Winnie the Pooh, and that will make him very sad. Help one of your favorite characters from the Hundred Acre Wood. The game doesn’t seem to be hard but once you start playing you will need all your focus and concentration to connect the tiles in the right order. Help Winnie reach for as many hunny bees as his heart desires, and make him the happiest bear in the Hundred Acre Wood. Have fun playing one of the most brainiest puzzle games. Good luck and remember, concentration is the key if you want to earn the most points one has ever earned in this game.

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