About Roomy Room Re-Do

Do you like decorating your own room? If that is the case, you can also help Miley decorate her own room in the "Roomy Room Re-Do" game. Help Miley and her friend Lilly to decorate Miley`s room for their first and magnificent sleep-over party. You`re starting off with the totally empty room. You need to do everything and to choose everything. From wall colors, flooring, decorations, furniture, lighting and so on. Help the girls set up a perfect room for their perfect time together. Choose the floors between various styles, designs, different carpets and numerous colors. Choosing the wall patterns have never been easier, has it? Decorate Miley`s room with all sorts of furniture. Queen size beds, couches, sofas or simple chairs (pink ones, mostly). Also, you can choose multiple guitar styles, carpets, jukebox or some pets to sit them around the room. Floor and walls decoration is crucial, so feel free to choose anything you might like to put on the wall like a surfboard, paintings, posters, pictures or even a brand-new window with cute curtains. Lighting is one of the most important things in any room, as well as in Miley`s. Do not forget to put as many lights as possible like lamps, chandeliers, LED lamps or even candles. Floor patterns are just amazing. Choose from a variety of colors, designs and many selected patterns. This shouldn`t be hard. It should be quite easy since you can re-do the entire room without making a mess. Use your MOUSE BUTTON 1 to choose the styles you want. If you change your mind about any object you`ve already put in the room, just click+drag that object to the trash bin at the bottom of the screen. When you feel like there`s nothing more you`d add, click "done" button and enjoy.

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