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About Wreckreation Rift Game

  • Game Type
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    NuMuKi Browser
  • Supported Devices
  • Game Resolution
    750 x 500
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With the Wreckreation Rift game, you get to experience a grueling race accompanied by Kick Buttowski, his friends and his arch-enemies! The Mellowbrook Arena is ready for the event of the year. That's right, I am talking about the Wreckreation Rift Demolition Derby. The race is on, and it won't stop until all the vehicles have been wrecked! Do you think you can face off the experienced racers and adrenaline addicts in this seemingly quiet small town? There's only one way to find out!

Make your pick and get ready to race!

The game consists of five levels of increasing difficulty. Even if they all take place in the arena, they feature different settings and obstacles. Therefore, you will surely never get bored! What is more, you need to place first in the derby to unlock the next level of your challenge. Therefore, don't get discouraged and start practicing!

The first step is to pick between the two main characters and best friends of the series. Kick Buttowski, the suburban daredevil, will be racing in an intimidating bright red car. He is known for his top speed and exceptional ability, namely the Skateboard Launch. On the other hand, Gunther Magnuson is Kick's stunt coordinator and a vital helper. He has a whimsical vehicle, and a particular skill called the Nordic Blast. Gunther isn't as fast as Kick, but his character is more balanced because of his great strength. Whichever you choose, make sure you race with courage and determination! 

The gameplay is easy, once you get used to the controls. Use the up arrow on your keyboard to make the car go forward and press down to go in reverse. You can steer to the right or left by pressing the corresponding keys. Also, you can press shift to activate your special ability. Press space to gain an extra boost and look out for the green target icon, which shows that you will soon be under attack!

Keep your eyes open to win the derby!

The secret to this game is paying attention to many different aspects at the same time. Drive around the arena and damage your opponents. You can check on how the enemies compare to you by glancing at the top left corner of the screen and glancing at the life bars.  

You can also collect valuable powerups throughout the derby. They will pop up unexpectedly, amongst all the chaos and the dust that this competition entails. Rush towards it to enjoy an extra speed boost, more strength, and even life!  However, you should keep in mind that not all objects that pop up are useful. Keep an eye out for banana peels and other dangerous items in the arena!

If you manage to beat all competitors before the time is up, you will be able to unlock the next level. However, try your best to be fast and aggressive. Depending on the final results, you might receive a bronze, silver, and even a gold medal! Each one of them comes with a specific reward quantified in points. 

Go ahead and join in on the chaos and excitement of the Wreckreation Rift Demolition Derby! Kick, Gunther, Brad, and even Gordie Gibble, the obnoxious rich kid, are buckled up and ready to go down in the dusty arena. Surely it will be a grueling experience, filled with crashes and destruction. However, I am sure you will become the winner! Get your daily dose of adrenaline with this new challenge!

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