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About Loco Launcho Game

  • Game Type
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    NuMuKi Browser
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    750 x 500
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Get ready for madness, excitement and a ton of fun with the Loco Launcho game! Kick Buttowski, the ten-year-old suburban daredevil, has a new challenge in store for you and your friends. The stuntman has prepared a race that will take you all through the usually quiet city of Mellowbrook, and even in the surrounding wilderness! What is more, you will be accompanied by his stunt coordinator and best friend, Gunther Magnuson. He will support you at all times and show you how to perform the greatest stunts Kick's hometown has ever seen! Are you ready to join the adventure and become a great stuntman, just like Kick Buttowski?

Plunge from sky-high ramps hidden all throughout Mellowbrook!

The game consists of ten levels of increasing difficulty. They will take you all throughout the city! Start from Kick's backyard, then move on to the neighborhood, the street, a football field, and even the monster truck stadium!

To advance to the next stage, you need to complete the requirements of the levels before successfully. What is more, the final challenge will consist of tackling the terrifying Canyon of Doom! Sounds pretty creepy, right?

The concept of the game is easy to grasp and intuitive. I am sure it will have you performing rad tricks in no time! You start each level at the top of a steep ramp, in order to gain the necessary momentum for your flight. Take a close look at the rev meter! Your goal is to stop the needle in the green zone. To do so, just click on the meter or press any key at the right moment. 

Congratulations, you are flying! Once Kick is up in the air, you can control his trajectory by using the left and up arrows on your keyboard. Press left or click the Boost icon to activate your ability and propel yourself forward. Click on the Lift icon or press up to swing Kick upwards. If you find that you need to slow down, press the down arrow or click the Parachute icon.

To successfully complete a level, you need to make the most out of the ramps and trick hoops. Kick's vehicle will automatically point towards the closest props around you. Fill up the trick bar to watch Kick perform a truly breathtaking stunt and gain a lot of Wowpoints!

Stand out by upgrading your vehicle and skills!

To successfully complete a level, you need to meet the set standards in terms of height, distance, and Wowpoints. Seems like quite a daunting task, right? However, you shouldn't get discouraged, as practice makes perfect. What is more, the more you play, the more Wowpoints you gather! Click on the upgrade icon of the main menu and check out what these valuable points can buy!

There are many upgrades that you can buy to improve your vehicle and even your skills! Each one comes with four different levels of increased advantages, so you can gradually get better! Still not clear enough? Let me give you a few examples! Use the Confidence feature to start your start further up from the ramp and thus gaining some extra momentum. Awesomeness helps you earn stunt points faster, while Tricked Out makes your vehicle stronger and faster.

Speaking of vehicles, did you know that you can customize almost every aspect of Kick's flying cart? From the wheels to the wings and even the flavor of the Cheetah Chug, which gives you a fantastic energy boost. There's no limit except for your imagination and the precious Wowpoints!

Why are you still standing around? Hop on your skateboard or bike and join Kick at the top of the ramp if you dare! You will enjoy a real adrenaline rush, perform amazing stunts and also have a lot of fun!

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