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Get ready for an exciting race with the Moto Rush game! I am sure you've heard about Kick Buttowski, the courageous stuntman from a small and quiet town. His body might be pint-sized, but his taste for adrenaline surely makes up for it! Do you dare to join him for a series of extreme adventures that will challenge your speed and skills? What is more, you will enjoy a wide variety of intense challenges on all sorts of stunt vehicles! Enjoy the breath-taking locations and take in the rush of excitement with this challenging and dynamic game!

The first step of the challenge Kick has in store for you is to pick out a ride. Would you prefer a bike, a skateboard, a snowboard, or a monster truck? Depending on your choice, the location of your race will change for each of the six available vehicles. What is more, you can customize them according to the type of course and your personal preference! Play around with the color and keep in mind that you can unlock upgraded versions by earning six points in each cup! Are you ready to hit the road?

Go as fast as you can, but make sure you keep your balance!

After you have picked out a vehicle and a course, it's time to learn the basics of being an extraordinary stuntman from the famous Kick Buttowski himself! The gameplay is quite intuitive. Accelerate and break by pressing the up and down arrows on your keyboard. Use the left and right arrows to tilt the vehicle back and forth and balance it after a cool stunt or jump. Speaking of which, you can press the space key to jump or perform a fantastic trick. If you need a bit of a boost, press the Z key. Do you need a bit of a break? Then press P for a little break that can help you catch your breath! 

Now, that you're all set, get ready to race! The primary goal in each level is to finish the race in one of the first three places. You can check out the necessary time by glancing at the top left corner of the screen, right next to the gold, silver, and bronze medals. This will gain you much-needed Kick points, which you can use to unlock improved versions of vehicles. However, there are also level points that you can earn! Wait until the Kick meter in the bottom left corner of the screen fills up, then press space to perform an awesome trick! 

Tips and tricks for becoming a suburban daredevil!

Being a famous stunt man isn't as easy as it seems! However, there are some hints that can help you earn a high score and become the champion of extreme sports. To begin with, make sure you collect all the Cheetah Chug cans you can manage. They will enable you to give Kick an extra boost when needed. It will prove extremely helpful on the steep hills in some of the courses!

What is more, you need to learn how to take advantage of the steep valleys and ramps in your surroundings. Time your hops carefully and increase your speed to launch Kick in high jumps. Make sure you have your Kick meter filled up! It will allow you to create amazing combos and earn extra level points. 

Ready, set, go! The thrilling race courses are waiting for you, and so is the brave Kick Buttowski! Can you become the best extreme racer Mellowbrook has ever seen?

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