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Have your ever asked yourself when do Disney princesses do their makeover? Here on our website we know that they usually do it in the morning. As you may know, every beautiful girl can look a little bit uhm.. strange in the morning. After a night of sleep, their flawless face needs to be mended. But what happens when someone sleeps not for a sing night, but for years?! In this kind of situation poor Aurora finds herself. At her birthday there came three good fairies who granted her flawless beauty and a splendid voice. However, the evil fairy, Maleficent, also managed to came at the royal ball. She was a cruel and mischievous woman. Maleficent cursed little Aurora to prick her finger and die at the age of sixteen. Merryweather, the third good fairy, dispelled Maleficent`s charm after all. Nevertheless, Aurora fell into a deep sleep at the age of sixteen and only a love kiss would wake her up. After the love kiss of prince Phillip, Aurora wakes up, but finds herself not so pretty like she was before. She is horrified, as she once used to be a beauty. The only person she can trust is you. Would you give her a good makeover? You know how to do it. Use your mouse to interact with objects on your screen. Apply cosmetics on Aurora`s face and use a great deal of water to make her face look natural. Whether you are a stylist, or a simple girl who looks for an interesting game with her favorite princess, you will surely like this game. Have fun!

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