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Are you up for a fantastic game of cards with our arch-enemies Dr. Drakken and Shego? Then get ready for an exciting Card Clash game, where you challenge our villains for a card game. Dr. Drakken is a mad scientist, and Kim`s nemesis, so Kim is counting on your help, and hopes that you can beat Drakken! But be careful, because Drakken is known to have a competitive spirit, and he`s not a stranger to winning, as he has won a pie eating contest for five consecutive years! Some even say that his blue-toned skin is a consequence of eating so much blueberry pies. Your other opponent is Shego, Dr. Drakken`s faithful sidekick, who frequently engages Team Possible in battle. Don`t let her disinterest in the game fool you, because her primary duty is to steal for Dr. Drakken and she might even try to cheat or take a card from you, so keep a close watch on her! This sounds like so much fun, doesn`t it? At the beginning of the game, you can choose your opponent, either Dr. Drakken or Shego. Knowing their traits as villains should help you to choose wisely! After selecting your opponent, you need to select the card deck you are going to play with, and you can choose either the Villains deck or Team Kim deck. Each player will start out with 26 cards in their bank. When you are ready, use your LEFT mouse click and hit the DEAL button at the bottom of the screen to deal a card to each of the players. Whoever gets the highest card wins the hand, and receives both cards! After a while, both decks that the cards are drawn from will be shuffled. If by chance both you and your opponent get the same card dealt, there will be a card clash! Three cards are then drawn from each of the decks and are placed face down on the card table. Hit the CLASH button to deal one more card to each of the players and the player with the highest card wins all the cards that are on the table. The goal is to collect all of the 52 cards in the deck. Sounds exciting, right? Arm yourself with patience and pay no attention to your opponent as he laughs evilly every time he wins a hand, because we are the good guys, and the good guys always win no matter what! Good luck, and have fun while defeating Kim`s most feared opponents!

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