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Donald and Daisy Duck are going to have a Halloween party! Who doesn`t like parties? Donald and Daisy both want to show off, since they look perfect together. But their desire to be in the spotlight is also a part of their personalities. No duck would like to stay apart, if they are so eccentric and so much extrovert, as Donald and Daisy are. Both of them can`t wait to have fun! Join Donald and Daisy Duck for this Halloween game. Dress them up and change colors as you wish in “Color Donald Duck” online game! Here you can realize the craziest fashion experiments trying on many Halloween costumes and playing with colors! Mix styles and colors together. First, click Dress on the bar below and chose Halloween costumes for Donald and Daisy. After you have done with the outfits, the Ducks are almost ready for the party. It`s time for the next and the final step. Give it some new colors! Color the costumes to give Donald and Daisy really crazy looks. Then color everything else! Change the background and anything you want to on the picture. Make the sky pink and the grass blue, if you wish so. Color Donald and Daisy! You are free to give them any color, even if it`s neon green or purple. Don`t hesitate to provide them with a funny or a crazy look! It`s Halloween, and it`s time to make your fantasy come true! After you have finished, there is an option to print your work!

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