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This time-travel game leads your character to the prehistoric time when dinosaurs were roaming the planet Earth. Donald Duck was zapped to ancient times, and his time-watch broke to pieces and was scattered all over the jungle. So now, he can`t return to his time. Our primary goal is to collect all the parts so that Donald Duck can fix his time-watch so that he can return to his original time. While in the game, use directional arrow keys on your keyboard to move Donald LEFT, RIGHT, to make him jump (UP) and to make him duck (DOWN). Gyro Gearloose is watching Donald Duck from his lab and will help in this mission as much as he can. Along the game, you can collect many things like dinosaur egg for bonus points. Hyper-speed power-up to jump higher for 10 seconds. Mega power-up will make Donald invulnerable for 10 seconds. To obtain one additional life you need to collect +1 power-up. Avoiding enemy dinosaurs, lava rocks and cavemen is advisable; otherwise, you`ll have to begin the game from the very beginning of the level. To defeat dinosaurs or cavemen, you need to jump on top of them. Try to collect as many bonus points and all other perks as possible since it will make the game more comfortable and more fun to play. In this game, you need to concentrate on which things are more critical and more urgent to obtain. You will discover all of those things after several tryouts. Have fun!

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