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About Donald Duck Target Trail Game

Hope you are in the mood for a cowboy mission because Donald is inviting you to lend him a helping hand with his new exciting mission! Play Donald Duck Target trail game and have the time of your life with one of the most famous Disney characters! You need a sharp eye and perfect focus if you want to win this game because we want the friendly Donald to avoid throwing a tantrum and continuing to have the best time with his cowboy hat on! Your goal is to obtain at least a thousand points in each of the three levels by shooting the bad guys with your cork-shooter while making sure you don`t hit any of the good guys. Pay attention to the red target because it is of utmost importance to achieve the perfect aim and to hit only the bad guys. If you by any chance miss and hit one of the good guys, you will lose time, and it will be harder for you to achieve your goal. You have a limited amount of cork-bullets, so make sure you click on the star in the bottom left corner of your screen to reload your gun and continue your game. Make sure you pay attention to the time because you have a limited amount of it for each level. Can you earn a thousand points in seventy seconds? We bet you can! If you want to make the game last longer, make sure you hit the bouncing clock with your cork-shooter, and you will get additional seconds. Also, make sure you don`t miss the bonus items because they can get you extra points! You have to do all of this successfully if you want to help Donald find the missing pieces of his time watch and get back to our world! Gyro Gearloose, the amazing inventor, is there to offer you support on your journey. We are sure that you will get Donald Duck back to our dimension in no time! Enjoy this cowboy experience and have a wonderful time with Donald and Gyro!

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