Dress Up Your Daisy Duck

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About Dress Up Your Daisy Duck Game

Daisy Duck is trying on new outfits! As everybody knows, the sweet little duck Daisy is the girlfriend of Donald Duck. She has her several passions in life. The first one and the main one, of course, is Donald. Daisy loves Donald a lot, which sometimes makes her care way too much about him. Without any doubts Donald is her true other half, and nothing in the world would ever separate them from each other. And so Daisy thinks. But what to do, if your boyfriend can be so careless and neglect from time to time? Daisy is working hard on their relationship. She`s giving all of her to make Donald a better duck! As you can see, Daisy is so lovely and caring, but her personality is actually not that innocuous! Daisy can be really bossy and sassy and even arrogant with Donald and her friends! Sometimes it seems, like she was born to be a little commander. That`s another thing she loves a lot: just like Donald she craves for attention. Sometimes she feels, like the world is a huge stage made for her! Daisy is naturally fun and talkative, so it`s no surprise that she attracts everyone`s attention. Last but not least: Daisy adores fashion! Talking about her personality, that`s the last piece which makes it complete. As many other female ducks, Daisy would never miss a chance to go shopping! What to do, fashion fits her eccentric nature. A duck-like Daisy can`t let herself look too casual!

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