Escape from Mole-Tropolis

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About Escape from Mole-Tropolis Game

Phineas and Ferb are yet in another misfit adventure in Escape from Mole-Tropolis game! The boys have built the mega drill "Terra-Drill 5000" with which they plan to drill into the earth to reach Earth`s core. Candace, the sister, saw when the boys started drilling downwards and used this opportunity to bring her camcorder to record everything, even though, the boys didn`t have a clue about that. As it usually goes with these two boys, trouble found them. The diamond tip of the drill overheated, and the drill stopped working. They`ve found themselves in the middle of Mole-Tropolis. A big mole city underneath the earth. Candace was surrounded by mole-people and kidnapped. The boys saw her kidnapping and decided to rescue Candace, but to do so, they first need to find as much diamonds as they possibly can, so they can fix the drill. Furthermore, they need to collect dinosaur bones to build their own dinosaur. Along the way, they will find flashlights (to use, press spacebar) used to blind the mole-people for a short period of time so they can pass by them unnoticed. Along the levels, there are also mole-people`s MP3 players. When obtained, mole-people would start dancing allowing the boys to pass by without being seen. Collect enough diamonds and bring them back to the drill to fix it (fill the diamond pouch). Avoid mole-people at all costs by climbing up and down on the ladders (arrow keys up and down) and move left and right using arrow keys also. You can descend on the pole bar by pressing down arrow key.

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