Experiments on the Loose

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About Experiments on the Loose Game

There are so many Experiments on the Loose on the island that it takes a lot of time to find every single one of them! This is why Stitch decided to help a little bit with this problem. He went on an adventure to find the experiments, but it is not as easy for him as it seems. Small Stitch cannot move on his own, so he needs your help for that. To move Stitch, click on sets of at least three blocks of the same color. This thing will clean the path and Stitch will easily walk to the exit. You can choose to play at different levels of difficulty. If you clean many blocks at the same time, you will get extra points, which will help your final score. Be careful what blocks you clean first and how you end the level. If you end up with two blocks of the same color, you will not be able to destroy it anymore, and Stitch will be stuck there. It is essential to capture all the experiments on time, and Stitch cannot do it unless you show him the exit from the blocks. Watch out for the time that is passing, and if it happens to miss the exit once, you can restart the level until you are out of lives. Everyone depends on you to get all the experiments together safety. You cannot let Stitch down, so better prepare yourself for the adventure. Good luck and have fun!

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