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About Football Frenzy Game

Football Frenzy game tests your ball bouncing skills. You can choose between two characters: Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. No matter which protagonist you select, you will have the same goal: Bounce the ball as many times as possible in one run. Once you start bouncing the ball, the counter will count how many times did you bounce it before it drops on the floor. When the ball falls on the floor, the counting will stop, and the score is recorded. Afterward, a new counting sequence will start over. If in one of the next tryouts you manage to beat your previous record, the second counter will memorize your new ball bouncing high score. The first counter always resets after you drop the ball on the ground. In Football Frenzy game, you only need to use your MOUSE to navigate either Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck (depending on which character you chose to play with) around the soccer playfield. Use your MOUSE to navigate the character and as soon as you get close to the ball, the character will automatically start bouncing the ball while the counter will count every bounce. If you move a character to the side, the ball will go on its path so you`ll have to chase the ball around the playfield. Your hands must be steady and precise to avoid losing the ball and letting it bounce all around the playfield. This game is entertaining and delightful, and it is recommended for younger audiences.

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