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Welcome to Game Smash! Have you ever wanted to build your own coaster? Here`s your chance! Build and test your personal coaster together with Phineas, Ferb, and their friends, and share it with everyone! First, select a character to test your coaster. You can choose between Phineas, Ferb, Perry the Platypus, Isabella and many others. Some are locked in the begging, but you will have a chance to unlock them when gather tokens. Select your cart among many cool vehicles. There are also locked and unlocked ones. Add some color changes to the selected cart. Go on the track. Select the background and start building the coaster! Choose where you want to start and to finish by dragging the cart to a suitable height. There are pieces for your future track on the left bar. Start building by dragging them here and there. Decide how difficult the coaster will be. There are some locked pieces that you can reach earning tokens. The two arrows below will speed up or slow down the cart on the track. There also tokens you can place around your coaster, so your friends can earn points. You can also earn points and unlock many of these cool power-ups and the bar below! It`s time to test your track after the job is done! Watch the power meter and click “Go” when it reaches the desired speed then, go for a ride! After all, register and save the track! Good luck, and have fun will riding.

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