About The Coolest Coaster Ever

Welcome to Phineas and Ferb The Coolest Coaster Ever game! Ever wanted to have a ride on a coaster? Felt unsatisfied with all the coasters poor design? Seen a perfect coaster track in your dreams? Phineas and Ferb know exactly how do you feel, that`s why they came up with a crazy idea: they want to build their own coaster and they call you in! Here is your chance to create the coolest coaster ever! Put your plan on the paper first. Choose between the items on the bar below and make them part of your track. Start with dragging parts of your future coaster on the paper. You can add simple parts of the track and figures to make the ride truly exciting. Time to unleash your fantasy and call for creativeness! Finish up the plan and go for a ride! Check if your track really works by pressing the start a ride button. Speed up and slow down using the arrow keys. Race the track, have fun, make new records! Watch the timetable to beat up the previous result. Don`t panic if something goes wrong, you can always restart the ride. Or get back to the desk via the edit track button and make some corrections in order to improve the track! The Coolest Coaster Ever is a great opportunity to test your engineering skills. Make changes in the track and apply your experience from previous rides to make the coaster truly amazing! Have fun and don’t be scared. Phineas and Ferb aren’t.

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