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Have you ever tried to catch a gopher? No? It is hard, I can tell you. But catching food that gopher is holding is even harder. This game, Grab the carrot, needs you to do exactly that. Using your MOUSE to move the catching net-pole you must catch the carrots that gopher is holding. There are six holes in the ground from which gopher appears and disappears. When the gopher is out of the hole, you need to use your speed and precision to take the carrot from his paws. Pressing MOUSE BUTTON 1 will activate the net, meaning it will collect the carrot from the gopher`s paw. Try to catch as many carrots as possible and the fastest as you possibly can because there is a time in which you must collect as many carrots as possible. Underneath the holes in the ground, a small bee is flying toward the flower bushes. When the bee reaches the flower, the game is over. There is no known order in which the gopher will show up from the holes, so you need to be steady and ready to catch the carrots. Try to beat your own best score in this fun-filled game. "Grab the carrot" game is easy and fun to play with very easy controls. The only thing you really need is a good focus, fast hands and fast fingers and a bit of luck, so you wouldn`t miss any carrots at all. Gophers are very unpredictable animals, so you might need more luck than you have imagined.

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