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When you live in such a beautiful and incredible world as Wall-E and his friends do, you always find some creative ways to kill the time. No matter what, there are always some programs to follow or fun games to play. Different things that help you become smarter and that let you admit that you have the mind of a robot. In Wall-E Jigsaw Puzzle game you will have to prove this fact and not only. You will have to demonstrate to Wall-E that he can really make a great team with you if ever needed. You will see that on your screen will appear many pieces of a puzzle with Wall-E. On the left corner you have the whole picture that you need to create. The pieces of the puzzle are mixed up and what you have to do is click on them and drag the pieces that you would like to move. Some pieces might not match at first and this is why you have to rotate them. In order to do this, double click on them to do so. When your piece will fit correctly, you will hear a sound, which means that you did well. The great part is that you can lock more pieces anywhere on the board, and after that just fix them on the puzzle. To complete this task from Wall-E, you have twenty minutes. Once you match one piece correctly, you will receive 100 points. At the end of the time, you will be able to see your score and also, if you managed to finish the puzzle, you will have a wonderful picture of Wall-E.

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