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About Jungle Eggventure Game

There is always something fun to do and you will never get bored if you live in the jungle. Do not believe us? Then ask Mr. Whiskers! All day long, he finds a way to play and have a great time. This time he went on a Jungle Eggventure game! Being a kind and a helping friend, he promised Mama Croc that he is going to help to find her eggs. Therefore, he goes in an incredible adventure, full of danger and surprises to collect all the little crocodile eggs. As we have mentioned on the above lines, the jungle can be dangerous and if you are not used to it, you can get hurt easily. Things like jungle plants, jungle animals, stalagmites, watering holes or quicksand will appear at almost every corner. Be very careful not to lose all the energy you have by touching one of these obstacles. The time is also an important point because you have only four minutes per level to find ten eggs and run at the tree house. Using the left and right arrow keys, you can make Mr. Whiskers run and the spacebar will make him jump over the obstacles. Even if it sounds a little bit hard, do not worry. Good things are also waiting for you in the jungle. You can also collect fruits, which will give you points, and from time to time, you may find hearts that will increase Mr. Whiskers’ energy. More than this, if you succeed in finding all the eggs and go to the tree house faster than the time required, you will get extra points. Mr. Whiskers and Mama Croc count on you to find the eggs.

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