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Play the Magic Carpet Mayhem game if you are into racing, flying cars, and chasing points. To play this, you have to make use of your skills and move as fast as you can through the city. This time you have to help Justin Russo and his brother Max go through the town, driving a flying car for collecting all of their dad`s groceries. Firstly, Justin and Max will appear on your screen, and they will ask for your help. Then you will have to choose your control style. You can choose between video game controls and airplane controls. The difference between these two consists in what you will use your keyboard arrows for. In video game controls style you can use your up arrow for moving up, and the down arrow to move the flying car down. In airplane controls style it is exactly the opposite. Either way, you will choose you will have to know that the left and the right arrow have the same features. Before every level you will find written on a panel the time you have at your disposal for collecting points, the kind of snacks you will have to get, and how many of each category. Be careful with the obstacles coming up your way, and keep in mind that you can use your radar map anytime you feel like you need help to move faster and efficient. If you need to pause the game, you can press the Escape button placed on your keyboard or by clicking on the button on the right side of the screen. You can then resume the game, or get some help if you have any questions. You also can mute the music you hear on the background and change the controls. On the upper side of the screen you can see the points you gain in real time, and you also have a timer right in the middle. Justin and Max are going to encourage you the whole time, so be sure not to let them down!

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