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About Pizza Party Pickup Game

Welcome to the world of Zack and Cody! When you have an identical twin, you can easily blame the other one for the bad things you have done, and between Zack and Cody that has happened a lot of times. The practical jokers have already made Tipton hotel their playground and are now on a yet another adventure in Pizza Party Pickup game!

This time, twins have to work together in order to beat Maddie and London on a quest to throw the best pizza party of the summer. During their many adventures, Zack and Cody have made a lot of friends, but also enemies. This task is not easy at all, since their fearsome enemy, Mr. Moseby lurks from every corner. Besides, their mother Carey is always on to them.

The primary goal of the game is to help Zack and Cody reach the top of Tipton hotel where they will have their pizza party. Along the way try to collect as many pizza slices, snacks and other things needed for an awesome party, as you can. The more goods you manage to obtain, your party meter will become higher, resulting in a better party. However, if you get caught, you will start the same level all over again.

Luckily you can use various obstacles to hide away from Cody and Zack’s mother, Maddie and London, and Mr. Moseby. Your ultimate goal is to reach the door that leads a story higher until you reach the top of the Tipton. Move as quickly as you can in order to receive bonus points for the remaining time in the end. Try not to forget to collect all the pizza, drinks and snacks needed for your Pizza Party! Have fun!

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