Rabbit Garden

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About Rabbit Garden Game

Winnie Pooh`s friend - the Rabbit, is in a need of help to collect all the carrots that are jumping out of the holes in the ground. Assist him by using your MOUSE to move the cursor. Move your mouse cursor onto the carrot when you see it and only then you can press MOUSE BUTTON 1 to make the Rabbit collect the carrot and put it in his basket. Be aware that other vegetables are jumping out of the holes in no order. You`d want to skip collecting the cucumber or corn clip. If you collect cucumber or corn clip by any chance, Rabbit will discard them while being surprised of his catch. "Rabbit Garden" game is made of three levels. The first level gives you the chance to practice since only carrots are popping out of the holes. Your goal in the first level is to successfully collect three carrots. The carrot counter will tell you how many carrots you`ve successfully caught. Proceeding to the next level in the game, your goals will be higher meaning you`ll need to catch five carrots and the game itself gets a bit harder. Vegetables will pop out much faster and there will be all sorts of vegetables popping out, so you need to be careful to catch only the carrots. The third level of the game will also ask you to catch five carrots and it`ll be a bit faster than the previous ones. Three small lightbulbs below the carrot counter will show you exactly which level are you playing at the moment.

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