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Thoughts about Disney Movies

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Have you ever experienced a sort of a weird feeling after watching any of those good Disney movies out there? To me, it is a feeling of both excitement, and sadness. You are clearly happy for Aurora, or Snow White, but at the same time you may feel a little bit incomplete. This state may …

Forgotten Disney Princesses

Forgotten Disney Princesses

Before talking about the forgotten Disney princesses, let’s say a few words about the ones that are still popular. We have all been introduced to some remarkable, shining Disney princesses. Girls like Ariel, Snow White, Rapunzel and Merida surely can turn anyone’s lousy childhood into an enchanting adventure for a lifetime to remember. Princess Ariel, …

Fantastic Disney Plot Twists

Princess and the Frog

When something unexpected occurs in one`s life, he or she will yell `plot twist!` and will move on. But when something goes wrong with a Disney princess, reactions may vary. Some of the princesses will go with the flow, while others will fight against the fate. One way or another, plot twists are incredibly awesome …