Doc McStuffins – The Toy Doctor

Doc McStuffins

Meet Dottie – a six-year-old girl who dreams of becoming a world-renowned doctor. As many other doctors, Dottie started from small. She started with fixing toys around her house. There weren’t a lot of patients at the beginning, but once Dottie treats more and more toys, her clinic grows popular. At this point, thanks to her friends, she managed to open her very own toy clinic, where she has everything a doctor can possibly need in order to fix absolutely any broken toy. On the other side, she is now so busy with treating patients, that she can hardly find time to do her regular check-ups. Being here, reading this little article from Dottie’s world can mean only one thing – you want to be Dottie’s assistant, am I right? If yes, then come in and be welcomed in the proud clinic of Doc McStuffins.

As you step in, you will meet Dottie’s assistant. They may look a little bit odd – who can possibly have stuffed animals as assistant?! Can this ballooned, yet sweet looking hippo be of some use at the clinic? Can the move, what can do they, if they are just a bunch of stuffed animals?! Well, don`t be hasty. With a little trick, Doc McStuffins can make any toy or stuffed animal come to life. You don’t believe? Wait until she takes out her stethoscope! That is when real magic comes to Doc’s clinic! With all the stuffed animals come to life, Doc McStuffins is ready to proceed to her patients. But first, let me give you a quick, general introduction on Doc’s friends. Lambie, a sweet stuffed lamb that surely will give you a warm hug once you meet her, is one of the Doc’s assistants. She is in charge of preparing the tools Dottie uses around her clinic. Remember the ballooned hippo you met earlier? That is Hallie, the main nurse, and which is also known as the Doc’s right hand. Next, you will meet Stuffy, a blue dragon that desperately tries to be the bravest dragon in the world, but doesn’t succeed with that very often. And Chilly, well, Chilly just needs an optimal temperature around him, since he is.. a snowman!

To some of you these characters may seem merely strangers. But if you are here already, browsing our blog, than it means you will surely get to know them better and you will become best friends very soon. To others of you, all these guys are already best friends. It has been two years since Doc McStuffins TV series have started airing on Disney Channel. Now it is already on its third season. Doc’s clinic still works and there are a lot of adventures waiting for you. Join the staff at the clinic and become Dottie’s friend.

Besides the series you can also have the chance to simulate doctor tasks while playing the available online games out there. Either of these activities will give you a pretty decent view on what it takes to be a real doctor. TV series will charge you with knowledge about nursing. From time to time, Doc McStuffins will give you pieces of advice on curing different health problems, so stay tuned with the TV series. While watching this show and following our little blog, you will achieve some practical knowledge on how to treat various problems or how to stay fit and healthy. You will learn through having fun. Isn’t this a good opportunity? If you agree to step in Doc’s little world, then do so right now and be prepared to learn!

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