Dave the Barbarian Fun Facts

Dave the Barbarian

Introducing Dave the coward Barbarian

If someone were to search for animated series with humor fine enough to grab even adult’s attention, one would stumble upon Dave the Barbarian.

Dave’s colorful character is sure to be sympathetic. But how would you describe a barbarian? Bearded, barely clothed, armed with a prehistoric blunt weapon and wreaking havoc on anything that moves towards him? While fellow barbarians burn down villages and occupy lands, Dave would instead cook dinner singing pop songs. And if Candy has left cheese with some mold on the kitchen again, Dave the Barbarian yells like a little girl!

Meet Lula, Dave the Barbarian’s Sword

Underneath the pumped-up muscles and raw force, Dave is soft like butter. He cries, and every now and then he is even afraid of his own sword! Speaking of swords, indeed Dave the Barbarian is so foolishly scared, that even his talking sword gives him the fright. Her name is Lula, and her ranting at Dave for making silly mistakes is really what scares barbarian the most.

Otherwise, Lula is a loyal companion, its sharp steel ready to slay anything from muffins to monsters. Impatient to get into the action, Lula is capable of shooting lightning from its tip. Having Lula would make Dave the Barbarian a real danger for evil, only if he knew how to handle a sword properly. There are even a few games where Lula has a role, such as the Operation Rescue Candy game. Give it a try and see if you can guess Lula’s sarcastic face among other characters.

Dave the Barbarian’s Family

The Barbarian family left Dave’s sister Candy in charge of the kingdom. Candy, however, doesn’t seem to care about the future of her parents’ throne. She would rather have her nails done and go out for a party than caring for the kingdom.

What Candy really boasts with is her martial art skills. She can punch as fast as one blinks an eye. Usually, when she gets involved in solving problems, she settles them very quickly and applies brute force. Then she goes back to polishing her nails.

Unlike Dave and Candy, Fang – their youngest sibling – is the most barbarian from the family. Although she would deny it, Fang takes pleasure in destroying things than actually facing issues. She appears to be so crazy, that she is confused with a monkey. Just never tell Fang that.

Play funny Dave the Barbarian Games

Dave the Barbarian Faffy Zap

Dave the Barbarian Castle Hunt game take players to Chuckle the Silly Piggy’s castle. There, in the depths of those corridors, the Silly Piggy keeps his treasures. Help Dave grab all the items while avoiding being spotted by Silly Piggy and his orcs. Beware not to collect the statue of the red orc, for it will trigger orc’s aggression.

Every family has to eat, but in Dave’s family, the food kept piling. Faffy, being an insane gourmand himself, has agreed to help. Play Dave the Barbarian Faffy Zap game and move Faffy around while trying to catch the food that Dave throws out. Be careful, however, for Faffy’s energy bar depletes upon consuming garbage food.

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