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Disney's The Replacements Wallpaper

When speaking about Disney’s The Replacements show, anyone would undoubtedly remember about the Fleemco Phone. Imagine having a device that would replace your boss anytime he is about to yell at you. Or turn an angry driver into a full-blown rock star! Fleemco Phone is the life-changing device that helps the siblings Todd and Riley to acquire new parents. This idea is only one of the reasons which made the TV Series that famous!

The intro of Disney’s The Replacements explains that Todd and Riley spent their entire life in an orphanage. When they stumbled upon a Fleemco Ad in a comic newspaper, they ordered a strange-looking device by mail, and soon they received the Fleemco phone. It turned out that this invention was a real life-changer at times.

The Replacements series follow siblings Todd and Riley as they cope with their daily life, subjecting themselves to hilarious consequences of replacing people via the Fleemco phone. Todd and Riley use their newly acquired telephone as much as a typical teenager of the twenty-first century. With a little difference there – that Fleemco phone can replace anyone upon the desire of its user. The only persons not subject of replacement are the siblings themselves.

Meet the Characters

Disney's The Replacements Characters

Todd and Riley have strikingly different characters. While the youngest of the siblings, Todd, is boisterous and selfish, his older sister Riley is smart, devoted and far more responsible. Todd hates reading to such an extent that he replaced the school’s librarian upon an occasion. As seen in one of the related games on our website, he would prefer flying a jetpack instead.

Riley loves reading, playing the violin and replacing rude people. Being more enlightened than her brother doesn’t stop Riley from having an imaginary unicorn friend called Rainbow Jumper. They find their adopting parents by making use of the Fleemco device as well.

Their mother is Karen aka Agent K, a woman whose career in intelligence developed her a habit of considering a simple daily chore, such as laundry, a secret mission.

Dick Daring is their daredevil adoptive father, who would rather convince Todd of becoming a stunt man instead of going to a reputable law school. Dick’s relationship with the family’s sport car is stranger than fiction. He thinks C.A.R. is his best friend, but C.A.R. wouldn’t allow Dick to drive it, because it feels that Dick will crash due to his extravagant profession.

Play The Replacements Games

The Replacements games expand the viewer’s interpretation of the Disney show while following the patterns of the characters’ nature.

The Replacements: Todd’s Jetpack Jeopardy

Thus, Todd’s Jetpack Jeopardy game brings out Todd’s desire for action in a fast-paced arcade game. Control Todd’s jetpack using the arrows on the keyboard. While trying to avoid running out of fuel, focus on collecting as many fuel cans as you can. They will come in handy in the later stages of the game.

The Replacements: Riley's Cell Phone Search & Rescue

In Riley’s Cell Phone Search & Rescue game, Todd lost his phone, and Riley needs to help him find it using some gadgets from Agent K. Find it on the scanner but stay away from Buzz, Shelton, and stray dogs. Look through the bushes for batteries, so you don’t run out!

The Replacements: C.A.R.’s Daring Detour

Those who watched the series may know how reluctant C.A.R. is to trust Dick. For instance, one exciting game featuring The Replacements, reinvents the relationship between the daredevil and C.A.R., putting you behind the wheel of the powerful machine. In C.A.R.’s Daring Detour game, players need to control the vehicle while avoiding crashes on the speed lap. C.A.R. is fully able to argue with you in its pitch-perfect British accent, so treat it as you would treat any character of The Replacements series.

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