Disney Princes

Disney Princes

Disney Princesses are so popular in modern culture, that princes who protect and take good care of them, are usually left behind the curtain. Nevertheless, both kids and adults would definitely find something to learn from these brave and sometimes a little bit boastful princes we brought you in this article.

Prince Phillip (from Sleeping Beauty)
Prince Phillip
Amazing what is capable of doing a prince who is in love! Prince Phillip, after meeting Briar Rose, realized that he is in love with her. He thinks that Briar Rose is merely a peasant girl, never knowing that she is his very betrothal, Princess Aurora. It is only after he was captured by evil Maleficent, when he learns that his lover is a princess. But from now, his lover is a princess who is under a cruel spell – she sleeps the sleep of the dead! Only with the Sword of Truth and Shield of Virtue, Prince Phillip manages to escape Maleficent`s gloomy dwelling and save his lover.
Prince Phillip in his appearance is the boldest of all the Disney princes. He himself fought Maleficent with only a sword and a shield! His love destroys Maleficent`s spell and thus he manages to save poor Aurora from her eternal sleep. Isn`t true that love and courage will eventually change the world?

Prince Charming (from Cinderella)
Prince Charming and Cinderella
Well, his name says it all. Prince Charming is indeed handsome, but beyond that he resembles nothing more than a boy in love. He desperately wants to know his lover`s name, and in order to find the girl whom he danced with, he calls out to all the girls that attended his ball. Despite looking for his lover, Prince Charming has no one to fight with, so his performance may be characterized as of a boy who fell in love. But I`m sure if suddenly a dragon occurred at his wedding, he would definitely fight it, don`t you think?

Prince Naveen (The Princess and the Frog)
Prince Naveen
If you think that princes only bear a handsome appearance, you should reconsider. When Prince Naveen meets Tiana, he is nothing more than a very romantic frog. He tend to flirt with young Tiana, expecting her to give him a kiss, and break the spell which kept him imprisoned in a frog`s body for years. Though initially, you may find Naveen a little lazy and quite vain, as his and Tiana`s adventures through New Orleans bayous progress, he becomes more affectionate. Finally, Prince Naveen comes to understand the selfish way of life he has been living, and starts to value the Tiana`s hard working nature. And as you know, her hard-work and tenacity payed itself in the end.

Beast, Prince Adam (Beauty and the Beast)
Prince Adam Beast
What the story of Princess Belle and the Beast teach you, is that you should always look deeper into someone to really understand him or her. It happens that a dreadful beast with claws, long fur and an overall ferocious look, may turn out to be a handsome prince, held under a terrible spell. It takes true love and patience to discover the beauty in Beast`s hideous figure, but if you really try, you can do that. Although Beast may look fierce and severe, he is indeed an example of a caring, affectionate human being.

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