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Have you ever experienced a sort of a weird feeling after watching any of those good Disney movies out there? To me, it is a feeling of both excitement, and sadness. You are clearly happy for Aurora, or Snow White, but at the same time you may feel a little bit incomplete. This state may happen to many Disney fans. Thus, to fulfill this kind of weird incompletion, many start to surf through the web in order to find out more and more about the movie, actors, songs and especially about the Disney Princess`s performance they`ve just seen. You can be curious who served as a role model for Belle, for example! Or what are the origins of the legend about the genie who is trapped in the lamp. So, if you are one of those who storms through the Internet after watching good Disney movies, here we have some tips for you on how to expand your Disney experience and continue with the story that seems ended.
In the first place, you should definitely look up for the original stories upon which was based the movie you`ve just seen. You don`t think Disney animators and producers are the only geniuses around here, do you? The secret is that most of Disney movies are based on real book and short stories. For instance, `Snow White and the Seven dwarfs` is based on the short story by Brothers Grimm that bears the same name. It was originally set in Germany, Grimms` homeland. You may have read this story when you were younger, since it is a story upon many generation were grown. Most of the Disney movies follow this pattern though. Merida`s story is based on Scotland`s fairy tales and motifs, for instance, and Fa-Mulan`s story is based on a Chinese legend. Try and look those up!
Upon watching a good Disney movie, continue your princess`s adventure by playing various games on Internet. They can give you hours of joy and they are all free! What you can do next is, to find some good posters on a website, print them and stick them to your kid`s walls. They will surely enjoy a picture with Sofia the First and her friend Clover, won`t they?
As Disney movies are much about princesses singing, why don`t you practice a little bit of singing on Youtube? There are video tutorials for just about any Disney song, so you can take some lessons.
If you don`t like to stay inside, playing Disney Games, reading legends and drawing posters, take a real trip to Disneyland! Whether you are a kid, or a grown man with beard and stuff, you will surely enjoy Disneyland. Take your time to be a kid again and meet your favorite princesses! Take pictures, selfies with Merida, Snow White, Rapunzel and many others like Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Hercules, or the Dalmatians! All this breathing world was created for you to explore, so have fun!

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