Sofia the First – A star emerged!

Sofia the First Princess

Throughout the last few decades, Disney introduced a whole bunch of princesses to both kids and adults. Just like those distant stars on the night sky, each princess is unique. Each princess glimmers in her own, unrepeatable way, and if you have followed their adventures, you can certainly conclude that each of them has her own story to tell. Lonely or sad, poetic or not, their stories tell us about what we all strive to find – true love, true friendship, someone`s voice to be there with us when we most need it. No doubt, Disney Princesses, in all their vast majority, have become good friends of yours. If they still have not, then one day, eventually, you will become friends. All you need to do is to dig deeper. And that is what we will do today.

Disney Princess, the star that shines so brightly, has become a part of Disney`s Hall of Fame. This includes most recognizable princesses from all times! As you probably know, Disney`s Hall of Fame consists of eleven official Disney princesses. Eleven destinies, eleven enthralling stories, eleven stars that twinkle on the night sky. But there is a brighter star about to emerge. A more vivid and enchanting one. It is Sofia the First – the youngest and the most adorable of all the Disney princesses!

Sofia the First is the protagonist of `Sofia the First` Disney movie that started on 11 January 2013. She is an adorable, humble girl that lives her happy, ordinary life in the village of Dunwiddie in the beautiful kingdom of Enchancia. One day, however, her mother, Miranda, a simple but famous shoemaker, marries King Roland the Second, and Sofia, the little girl from the village becomes a princess overnight! Now, Sofia has to learn to be a real princess, and what is more important, to reveal what it means to be a real princess!

If you can relate yourself to Sofia in some way, why wouldn’t you become her friend and know her better? She is very friendly and you could be a part of her adventure at the royal palace. Sofia is kind, sensitive and is able to show a great deal of compassion. She struggles with understanding the world around her and frequently asks why things are they way they are. On this part, she may seem to be one of the most naive Disney princesses, but how gentle her heart is!

Her secret though is that she can speak to animals. Thanks to her magic Amulet of Avalor, she can understand them, and by thus, she makes new friends. Her star shines even brighter, as she always shows warmheartedness like no Disney princess has ever shown. In her struggling with understanding the world and her very own role of being a princess, she usually asks questions that many kids ask. Maybe – who knows – you`ll find some of the answers if you stick with her. Know her friends – Whatnaught, Robin, Mia and a lot more! Whether you find your answers or not, you will surely have a great time together, so join her enchanted world!

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