Fantastic Disney Plot Twists

Princess and the Frog

When something unexpected occurs in one`s life, he or she will yell `plot twist!` and will move on. But when something goes wrong with a Disney princess, reactions may vary. Some of the princesses will go with the flow, while others will fight against the fate. One way or another, plot twists are incredibly awesome to watch. In the world of Disney princesses plot twists happen all the time, but not all of them are that enthralling and vibrating as these ones we brought. Enjoy our list!

Sofia the First – a princess overnight
Have you ever asked yourself what it is to be a princess? Well, Sofia, a humble, sweet-looking, seven-year-old girl, that used to live her life in the village of Dunwiddie, right in the middle of the beautiful kingdom of Enchancia, struggled with this question throughout her childhood. As she is able to speak to the animals, she spend her time in the company of a friendly, furry rabbit – Clover. But not Clover, nor even Sofia herself couldn`t know what it is to be a real princess, until the day Sofia`s mother, Miranda, marries King Roland the Second. Thus, Sofia becomes a princess overnight. Now she has to learn to behave like princess along with her new friends from the royal family – Amber and James. What is more important, however, is that Sofia now has to learn what means to be a real princess.

Merida – from anger into…
If you are not impressed with the twist Sofia`s life took, then listen to this. Do you remember Merida, the girl with shining, red hair from the fair Kingdom of DunBroch? Of course you do remember her, since she is one of the most memorable of Disney princesses, due to her somewhat tomboyish behaviour, and, of course, her red hair. Well, her obstinate and noisy character affected her relationship with her mother, Queen Elinor. Thus, at a time of rage, Merida starts hating her mother so much that the latter transforms into a she-bear! How`s that for a plot twist?!

Tiana – the princess that kissed a frog
Now we all know what happens when someone kisses a frog. It may turn out that the frog is a fair prince who was under a terrible spell. And all the girls are waiting for that special someone, a prince to marry with. But when Tiana, a waitress from New Orleans kisses a frog, who called himself Prince Naveen, she instead turns into a frog. Did you expect that? Surely no! Now both Tiana and Prince Naveen have to go on a jaw-dropping adventure throughout the New Orleans bayous to recover themselves. As in other Disney movies, only a love kiss, a true love is able to break the spell. Are they gonna make it, or will they find another way? Go watch the entire movie and enjoy one of the most fantastic plot twists we`ve just spoiled for you!

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