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Fantastic Disney Plot Twists

Princess and the Frog

When something unexpected occurs in one`s life, he or she will yell `plot twist!` and will move on. But when something goes wrong with a Disney princess, reactions may vary. Some of the princesses will go with the flow, while others will fight against the fate. One way or another, plot twists are incredibly awesome …

15 Incredible Disney Princess Facts you should know

All Disney Princesses

Die-hard Disney fans believe that ultimately, they know everything about their favorite princesses. And indeed, most of them know quite a lot of Disney Princess facts! No wonder; Disney Princesses have lately gained a lot of popularity via both media and the Internet. Movies, games(access our section of Disney Princess games to find more), cards …

Sofia the First – A star emerged!

Sofia the First Princess

Throughout the last few decades, Disney introduced a whole bunch of princesses to both kids and adults. Just like those distant stars on the night sky, each princess is unique. Each princess glimmers in her own, unrepeatable way, and if you have followed their adventures, you can certainly conclude that each of them has her …