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About Vacation Vehicles Game

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    NuMuKi Browser
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    750 x 500
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Get ready for an exciting adventure featuring the Duncan girls with the Vacation Vehicles game! This large family is flying to visit their grandparents in Palm Springs for Christmas. However, their lives are chaotic as usual, and mishaps are prone to happen. Teddy and Amy have gone off the plane, and now they have to find a different way to reach the Christmas party. The mom and daughter duo are used to unexpected circumstances and improvising. Nevertheless, the situation seems entirely different now. They really aren't sure that they can make it on time!

It's your job to lend these two adventurous women reach Palm Springs in time for the family reunion. You will need to make use of quite unconventional vehicles, such as a beat-up car and even a scooter! Are you fast and cunning enough to succeed in this perilous journey? There's only one way to find out!

Unique circumstances require a special set of skills!

The game consists of six levels of increasing difficulty. You will have to travel through the country using different vehicles, each one of them more difficult to maneuver than the other! You will have to use a rundown red car, an old blue van, a yellow vintage bus, and even a pink scooter!  The catch is that neither of these means of transportation will start again once they stop, so use them wisely!

Your primary objective in each level is to reach the nearest pit stop without having your vehicle stop in the middle of the road. To do so, you need to make use of downhill slopes and avoid obstacles that can slow you down. The speedometer at the bottom of the screen is very important! Therefore, you should make sure it never gets below 10 mph! Don't forget that these old vehicles can never start up again so you will be forced to restart the level!

The gameplay is intuitive and straightforward. Use the arrow keys to control the car. Tap the up arrow to jump, or hold it to float while you are up in the air. Press the down key to gain speed while going downhill. You can also press it while flying to make your vehicle fall down faster and land. 

Bonuses and trophies will earn you extra points!

Along your way, you will come across bonuses and extras that you can collect to earn extra points. They can also help you reach the end point of your journey easier. The Jet Engine will give you a boost of energy, the Glider Wings make your vehicle stay in the air longer, while Big Wheels allow you to run over obstacles without losing speed. Don't forget to also keep an eye out for the golden stars on the road! They will even count as bonus points at the end of each level.

Each level also features three different trophies. You will easily recognize them because of their gold color! Collect all of them for bonus points and even accomplishments. You can see how many achievements you have earned thus far by selecting the appropriate item in the main menu. 

Do you think you have what it takes to keep up with this unusual family?
Buckle up and get ready for another day with the Duncans. Their lives are quite hectic, as always, but they can also prove to be extremely fun! Join the courageous Teddy and Amy on the journey of a lifetime and make sure they reach the Christmas party in time!

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