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Try The Bionic Code game and join your favorite characters from the Lab Rats series for an epic mission! You might already know that Davenport is Leo's new stepdad, a billionaire and also a great scientist. However, sometimes his creation turn against him! In this case, the robots on the island have been infected with a virus that Donald has created. Thankfully, he has devised a new programmable android to do the dirty work for him. This new invention must destroy all of the infected robots!

However, there's a catch! Davenport is looking for an operator that can control the android correctly and help him put an end to this unfortunate crisis.

The game is based on the same concept as programming! You need to put your intelligence and skills to the test to successfully wrap up this mission. Now you have the unique opportunity to learn the basic idea behind coding while also having a blast with Adam, Bree, Chase, and Leo! 

Can you take control of the situation?

The game consists of four levels of increasing difficulty. Each one of them will have a straightforward aim: control the android to destroy all the defective robots successfully. However, there is a catch: there is a limited number of commands and moves available! What is more, the enemy robots will also have the opportunity to make a move and attack you!

The gameplay is quite simple and easy to get used to. On the lower left corner of the screen, there is a list of available commands that you can give to your android. Some of the most basic ones are Move, Turn, and Attack, but you will encounter new ones as you advance through the levels. Place them in the Main Function section, on the top left in any order that you like! Once you are done hit on the green 'Run' button and watch your android perform the task! You can even delete commands by clicking on the trash icon if you change your mind or make a mistake!

Make sure you don't run out of juice!

Like any other piece of technology, the android requires energy provided by batteries. What might cause you to run out of power? Movements cost you precious energy, while the defective robots drain your batteries every time they hit! Therefore, you should plan each move with great care and collect all the batteries you can. 

You can check on how much energy you have left by glancing at the bar at the top left corner of the screen. You need to be very careful! If all your power runs out, your mission has failed, and you will have to start the level again. Therefore, you need to be plan out each move using your intelligence and tactical skills!

As the game progresses, you will notice that the enemies get increasingly more powerful. However, you are provided with extra features which will help your android perform better and successfully complete the mission. You can make use of new commands and even write subfunctions, along with the primary function. This allows you to perform even more movements at a time!

Are you ready for a thrilling expedition that will stimulate your sense of adventure as well as your intelligence and tactical thinking? Then you should better hurry and join Adam, Bree, Chase, and Leo on their mission! You can learn more about how coding works while having a blast with an exciting team of bionic teenagers!

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