A Sitch in Time Episode 02: Past

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About A Sitch in Time Episode 02: Past Game

Step into this exciting adventure with our favorite villain-fighting hero, and play Kim Possible A Sitch in Time - Past game! This time we go back in time and help Kim on her first day of preschool! Kim has always been a little rascal, but also courageous and adventurous in her heart. It comes as no surprise that she`s not like any other children, as she tries to escape her classroom to meet Ron Stoppable or Pre-K Ron, her best friend and a helpful sidekick, who is also her next door neighbor. However, Kim can`t do it all by herself. She needs your help to find her way out! Use the ARROW keys to help Kim jump up and crouch, and to move her left and right. In her classroom, you will come across giant playing blocks, bouncy balls or wooden boxes that can be pushed around to get up and over an obstacle. During the game, you will be able to swing from lamps, press various buttons or activate levers that will allow you to go forward. Fear not, it`s easy to do, just hit your SPACE key as you approach them. Sounds fun right? You will need to be very careful not to make too much noise, as you can wake up the kids and your hero will have to start over. Some of the kids got jealous, so they will try and stop Kim by throwing bouncy balls on her, or by sprinkling her with their squirt-guns! Make sure to avoid them in order not to lose any energy. Collect Cuddle Buddies to earn extra points, and also make sure you collect Kimmunicators to get extra lives! We bet that by now you are tingling from excitement to play the game! Join Kim on this adventure and have an incredible time helping her stop the villains from crushing her spirit!

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