A Sitch in Time Episode 01: Present

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About A Sitch in Time Episode 01: Present Game

Start a new adventure while playing A Sitch in Time – Present game! Kim Possible is a high school student who not only has excellent grades but is also a hero fighting crime and villains such as Monkey Fist. In this game, you need to help Kim stop Monkey fist from assembling the Tempus Simia Idol, by navigating her up and over various obstacles by using your UP key to help her jump and bounce off objects, such as dinosaur skeletons and totems. You will also need to avoid contact with enemies who will try and stop Kim because if they hit you with their green power-balls Kim will lose energy. You will also need to watch out for Ninja Monkeys, who will try and grab you when you enter the jungle level. Sounds exciting, right? Use UP and DOWN arrows to avoid their powerful weapons, and when you are close to them, quickly hit SPACE to make your enemies vanish! You need to be careful though, because if her energy bar runs out, Kim will lose a life, but don`t fret as you have a total of three lives before you need to start over. Alongside enemies who try to stop Kim from completing her mission, you will also be fighting time, because Kim will need to advance to the next room before the timer at the top of the screen runs out, or Kim will lose a life. To earn extra lives, which are going to help you to fight Monkey Fist successfully, you need to pick up Kimmunicators along the way, but be wary because maybe an enemy is guarding it! If you like earning extra points and brag about it to your friends, pick up Cuddle Buddies, but be quick, because they disappear after a while! So, do you have what it takes to help our friend Kim stop the dreaded Monkey Fist from completing his mission? We bet that you have the right skills of a superhero who can help Kim, and have so much fun at the same time!

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