About Bowl-o-Rama

Come on in for a bowling party orchestrated by the Toy Story gang in the “Bowl-o-Rama” online game! Time to get everyone together! Get ready too meet the old friends and join them for a bowling game! You better be prepared to put away all your doing and have a really fun day. Optimistic Sheriff Woody, adventurous Buzz Lightyear, sarcastic Hamm the Piggy Bank and funny Rex the Tyrannosaurus Rex are back together against the Little Green Men! What do these guys usually do when meeting up? Of course, they figure out something cool and throw themselves into action immediately. We can bet, you never saw them sitting around. These old folks don`t let anybody feel bored at all costs. Do you consider yourself a bowling master? No? That`s your chance to become one! First, choose Woody, Buzz, Hamm or Rex to test your bowling skills with. You can play with up to four of them per game. Put the ball in its position and get ready to strike the Little Green Men down. Use your mouse to click the right and left position arrows to line up the ball in the lane. You can also set the speed by clicking “+” and “-” in order to have a better roll. Click the curve lines if you want the ball to spin! This option might help you to strike the Little Green Man when they are on the sides. Roll then! Don`t let the ball to pass the orange cones, it`s a gutter ball for you! Try to get the best score and don`t let the Little Green Man make fun of you!

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