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Are you afraid of aliens? If not, then you are free to join us for an alien-rescue mission in Toy Story 3: Marbleous Missions game. In this game, you can choose between two characters, Space Ranger Boy or a Girl. Your main goals are to collect as many marbles you can and to save the aliens.

To be able to save the trapped aliens, first, you need to find a switch and pass through it which will unlock them. Rescuing all the aliens will bring you extra points. Different marble colors bring a different number of points, so be sure to collect them all or at least as many as you possibly can.

Useful tips

Also, you will stumble upon the marble with the question mark within it. It's a very rare marble which is essential for you to pick up so it can be added to your trophy cabinet. You have 8 minutes to finish the entire level, so be quick and careful because you only have 3 lives. Finding the big, golden key will ultimately complete the mission. 

Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys on your keyboard to run the character in one of those two directions. Using the UP arrow key will make your character jump, and while in a jump mode, press LEFT or RIGHT arrow keys to move your character in the direction you want while in the air. While in the air, you can also press and hold UP arrow key to give your character set of wings, so it'll glide through the air. Using the space-bar will make your character fire. Double tapping LEFT, or RIGHT keys will make your character perform a charge in the direction you set it to.

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