Donald Dunk

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About Donald Dunk Game

This funny Donald Dunk game is a good practice of your spelling skills while recognizing the connection between a shown picture and a said word. The narrator will first tell you the word you need to find and then he will also spell the same word. The first letter of the word is already visible, so you need to find the missing letters. The words are composed of three letters each. With first letter already shown, your job is only to find the remaining two letters. On the shelves on the right side of the screen, you`ll see all the alphabet letters in round red balls. On the left side of the screen, you`ll see Donald Duck sitting on a shelf waiting for you to hit all three letters and form a correct word, and that will drop him into the water pool below him. On the side of the pool, pictures are shown, also explaining what word you need to guess. For example, sip, or shark`s fin or fox, and so on. Use your MOUSE to go around the screen. You also must use your MOUSE BUTTON 1 to be able to choose the letters you believe are the correct ones for completing the given word. Donald Dunk is an amusing game in which not only you need to guess the words out of the given picture, but you also have the opportunity to dunk Donald into the pool, which is really funny! Enjoy this fun and easy game of word guessing.

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