Donald`s Gone Gooey Fishing

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About Donald`s Gone Gooey Fishing Game

Greetings to people everywhere and fans of fishing all around the world! Today is a beautiful sunny day and what a better way to spend it than participating in a fishing contest with Donald Duck? The lovely animated duck loves fishes, and he decided to be the best angler in the Disney world. In the Donald’s Gone Gooey fishing game you will have to help him become the best of them all and win the fishing competition. How can you do that? A piece of cake! Donald thought that he might need a little help and that is the reason why you can practice fishing with him first. While you practice fishing, you will learn how to be the best and win the fishing competition. You have two arrows on your screen, and to move the fishing rod you can press them, or you can use the up and down arrow keys from your keyboard. Catch colorful fishes to complete the rainbow and make Donald happy. Once you finish with your practicing, you can go on and play like a real angler. Catch the fishes just as you did in the practice mode, but be careful at your time and the sharks. When your time ends up, you will find out who won the fishing contest. Do your best to win and have a great time while you do this. We are sure that you can beat everyone and help Donald be the best, just as we know that he likes to be.

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