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About Inator-Overload Game

Welcome to Inator Overload game! Perry the Platypus is going to fight another mean plan of Dr. Doofenshmirtz! This time Dr. Doof created the Evilnator, a terrible machine that turns everyone it hits into an evil twin. The O.W.C.A. intern Carl got to be his first victim. The O.W.C.A. management worried, that Carl will join Dr. Doofenshmirtz and turn his smart mind against his friends and colleagues. Brave Agent P was sent to rescue him and disable the Evilnator until it takes over the Three State area. But what happened? The Evil Carl hit Perry with the Run-Inator, as he entered Dr. Doofen`s laboratory! Now Perry can only run forward! Help him to pass through the laboratory, fight bots and reach the computer. You can`t stop, change the direction or slow down. Use the spacebar to jump in order to get over obstacles on your way. Beware of hazards, bots, and Flynn-Fletcher holograms. Jump over or on top of them to earn extra points. Take care, you have only three attempts and five lives. If you lose all of your lives, you will have to start the level again, and if you fail all the three attempts, you will need to start the game from the start! Luckily, there are bonuses you can easily get. Some of them will fill up your lives scale and help you to stay in the game. There are two modes. You can pass levels in the normal mode and test your agility in the survival mode with an unlimited time of playing. Good luck.

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